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Ms. Dowling Schafer is a seasoned commercial real estate executive with experience in institutional portfolio management, direct investing, financing and real estate development.  After a 17-year of institutional career working with some of the most prestigious & prominent real estate firms in the country, including TIAA-CREF, Copley Real Estate Advisors and Southland Financial Corporation, Ms. Dowling Schafer embarked upon a professional journey to re-tool as a real estate entrepreneur.  In 2003 Ms. Schafer co-founded and led Los Angeles based Arroyo Realty Partners with several partners.  Arroyo was a private real estate advisory and investment company that acquired a portfolio of commercial properties and land investments in Hawaii and California valued at more than $76 Million between 2004 and 2007.

Ms. Schafer’s vision for identifying under-valued markets and properties; employing creative capital structuring and targeted asset management strategies with a careful eye to the timing of the hold and exit strategy for these investments, resulted in the netting of tremendous gains for her team and her investors.  Arroyo executed a timely disposition of all of its operating assets in mid-2007 to an institutional investment firm, generating sizable returns for its investors.

Between 2008 and 2014, Ms. Schafer engaged in the co-founding and operation of several companies focused on sustainability, including True Generation, LLC, a renewable energy development and finance company currently active in the development of commercial solar arrays in Hawaii, as well as the financing of utility-scale energy projects in the U.S and abroad.  

Commencing in 2014, Ms. Dowling Schafer returned to her core interest, commercial real estate investment - and she has been active in both commercial real estate investing as well as continuing her ongoing involvement with renewable energy development.

Michelle graduated with a B.S. in Accounting from Villanova University.   She resides in Pasadena, California and Honolulu, Hawaii, with her husband, David, who is a senior mental health care administrator at the Veterans’ Administration.​

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